Sleep Apnea Therapy
in Ridgefield Park, NJ

Do you find yourself struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Are you waking up throughout the night gasping for air? If so, you may have sleep apnea. We can provide oral appliance therapy for patients with diagnosed sleep apnea to help them get the rest they need and deserve. Contact our office to learn more!

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What Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea, also known as OSA, is a sleeping disorder that occurs when the soft tissues and muscles in the back of your throat relax and block your airway while you sleep. With the airway blockage, it makes it difficult to maintain a normal breathing pattern which usually leads to intermittent pauses in breathing anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds at a time.

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Common Signs of Sleep Apnea

Wondering if you have sleep apnea? Here are some of the most common signs for you and your roommate, partner, or family member to look out for:

  • Daytime Drowsiness
  • Difficulty Focusing
  • Frequent Pauses in Breathing
  • Loud or Frequent Snoring
  • Waking Up Gasping for Air

Please reach out to us if you are experiencing any symptoms of sleep apnea. If you are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, our team can help you through the process of oral appliance therapy to get your sleep back on track!

Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea

For patients newly diagnosed with OSA or for patients who are unhappy with the CPAP machine, we offer custom-fitted oral appliances to treat the disorder. With oral appliance therapy, our custom, retainer-like appliances reposition the jaw to keep your airway open throughout the night. By wearing the appliance throughout the night, you can get a wonderful, uninhibited night of sleep!

Get the Sleep You Deserve

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