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The importance of going in for routine dental cleanings should not be ignored when it comes to high standards of hygiene and dental care. The professional cleaning of teeth at Village Dental involves the removal of buildup and stains which renders the gums healthier and makes teeth brighter. Visit Dr. Arzinger at Village Dental in Ridgefield Park, NJ for dental cleanings and periodic examinations that will help you smile with confidence.

Dental Cleaning Q & A

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Why are dental cleanings necessary?

Regular dental cleanings help to prevent tooth loss and the formation of other dental diseases. Dental cleanings remove the buildup of plaque and tartar which are responsible for gum disease. Gum disease occurs as a result of your body’s immune system responding to tartar buildup with inflamed and bleeding gums. As gum disease increases so does the destruction of your bone and tissues in your mouth. At a certain stage, this damage is irreversible, so prevention through dental cleanings is the best way to maintain overall health and keep beautiful teeth for a lifetime.

What does Village Dental offer during dental cleanings?

Dental cleanings at Village Dental focus on optimum dental hygiene and oral health through the best advancements in dental care. Dental cleanings work to avert impending tooth or gum disease before it grips your teeth through these means:

Removing plaque: Plaque is a sticky substance that can lead to deposits of tartar and cavities resulting in tooth decay and gum problems.

Removing tartar: Tartar is hardened plaque on the tooth that develops gradually over time especially in the absence of proper oral care. If it develops below the gum line it can lead to gum disease.

Removing stains: Dental stains and discoloration can be caused by extrinsic factors such as excessive use of tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and chewing tobacco. Intrinsic factors also can contribute in tarnishing your teeth and needs professional dental help. We ensure that your teeth become bright, white and healthy after the cleaning session.

What other services are done?

Digital x-rays have made a diagnosis of dental problems and treatment easy and quick and may be a part of your dental cleaning or checkup. They provide early detection by projecting clear images that reveal any kind of hidden dental cysts, solid growths, or tumors. Oral Cancer screenings and periodontal screenings are also done at your exams.

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